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When should I hire a planner?

We recommend hiring a planner soon after you decide to have a wedding or event.  We can often help to ensure that the initial vendor selections like venue and photography are in line with vision and budget before it’s too late!  Having a planner involved from the beginning can help to alleviate confusion and keep everything focused from the start.

Do you rent linens & chair covers?

No, we are strictly an event planning company. We work with an excellent team of vendors that specialize in their products and will accommodate all of our clients’ needs.  We believe this system allows our clients to have more choices as we are open to accessing any decor rentals available.

Is it true that a planner can save me money?

Yes, often we can.  We will guide our clients through the most effective ways to stay within budget while helping to access any discounts offered to our clients by our preferred vendors.

How many events and weddings do you produce in a year?

On average we produce 100-120 events annually.

Do you work with a specific team of vendors?

We do have a wide selection of vendors that we recommend our clients work with but we are open to working with any vendors our clients select.

How many Soirée team members will be at my wedding?

That will vary based on the size of your event but we always assign a minimum of two team members per event.

Will you travel for my event?

Absolutely!  If you can dream it, we’ll get ourselves there.